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The Bookkeeping Bureau, LLC is a professional company that offers certified bookkeeping and payroll services. Based on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, services are offered locally and remotely throughout the US. Our goal is to provide an excellent service, in an accurate, timely, confidential, and personalized way that fits the individual needs of our clientele.


The Bookkeeping Bureau, LLC is owned by Olivia Saloparu. Olivia is a Certified Bookkeeper with the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, and a Certified Quick Books ProAdvisor. She holds a Bachelor of Economics, and a Master Degree in Sociology and Psychology. She has many years of experience in bookkeeping and payroll, and a strong background in management. She is also a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

Throughout the years, Olivia has worked with all types of small and medium size businesses: construction, electrical, food service, hospitality, landscaping, property management, publishing, road association, manufacturing, medical, real estate, retail, television, and non-profit as well.

Mindful of her clients’ needs, her approach is professional and friendly. She is a perfectionist, with a love for numbers and quality work. Attention to detail, good organizational skills, ability to follow things through and anticipate needs, and integrity, are at the core of her work.

When not working, Olivia is consumed with being the mother of three young children. She runs her business from Martha’s Vineyard, where she currently resides with her family. She only wishes she has more free time to enjoy summers on the island with her family.





how it works


Depending on each client's needs, we offer our bookkeeping services in various ways. We offer our bookkeeping services online, using secure cloud technology to host the QuickBooks desktop files, or QuickBooks online. Currently our local services are being offered on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Special arrangements are available for our local clients.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to The Bookkeeping Bureau, LLC is similar to having an in-house bookkeeper. The difference is that we are virtual and working from a remote location. To communicate with us, clients use email, instant messenger or phone.



  • The client provides us with an initial copy of the QuickBooks desktop file (if a QuickBooks cloud hosting provider is used)

  • We set up the QuickBooks desktop file with the cloud hosting provider

  • The client sends us the invoices and other documents via email, dropbox, or by mail. Or, we get this information directly from vendor and bank and credit card web sites

  • We login to the client's QuickBooks online account

  • We will update QuickBooks online and logout


  • The client provides us with an initial copy of the QuickBooks file

  • The client sends us the documents (invoices, etc.) via email, dropbox, by mail, or we receive them directly from vendor and bank and credit card web sites

  • We record the transactions in the client's QuickBooks file on our desktop

  • We backup the QuickBooks file regularly to the shared folder on dropbox

  • We send the client bookkeeping reports periodically via email in PDF or Excel format




"The Yard, Inc., is an active and growing non-profit arts organization that produces performances, hosts artists, and leads year-round education programs on Martha’s Vineyard. As Executive Director of The Yard, my Board Treasurer, Joyce Thornhill, and I hired The Bookkeeping Bureau to assist us with bookkeeping, budgeting and financial reporting. Not only have we been entirely satisfied with their work, it has consistently exceeded our expectations. The Bookkeeping Bureau very quickly assessed our needs, the flow and timing of our activity and the complexity of having our staff and board often in three different states. Olivia’s team is fully reliable, able to meet deadlines, and their work is accurate.  It is always a pleasure to deal with them.  Olivia easily handles our internal control requirements, tax reporting and auditors’ requests.  More importantly, Olivia’s team embraces new challenges. Olivia has quickly become one of our most trusted service providers and we look forward to working with her for many years. She is a bookkeeper who thinks ahead and provides advice to help guide an organization or business in their accounting management as they grow or evolve."

Alison Manning

Executive Director, The Yard, Inc., Chilmark, MA

Joyce Thornhill

Treasurer of The Board, The Yard, Inc., Chilmark, MA

"I have owned 3 companies on Martha’s Vineyard over the past 20 years and have had many bookkeepers during this time. Olivia came to us at the height of our season when our current bookkeeper retired and very seamlessly stepped in to take over our books. She is competent, honest and very hardworking which made this transition as smooth as one could expect. Her thorough nature is always a benefit when it comes to the finances of your companies. Her skill set is advanced making her very capable to take on complicated transactions including the sale last fall of a Hotel that I had owned for 20 years. Their detailed approach is always very well thought out and gets the results that any business owner would want. The Bookkeeping Bureau is full service, professional and terrific problem solvers when it comes to managing your books. I would highly recommend any business owner to sign up for their services."

Maggie White 

President of Hob Knob Companies, Edgartown, MA

"Our business had grown over the last 12 years and the difficulty in meeting the IRS and State's immediate and exacting on line payroll tax deposits more burdensome. I didn't want to hire more office help and instead wanted to lighten the load. A good friend, also in the residential construction business, recommended Olivia strongly after helping him out of a jamb. She came in and helped us out with our immediate needs and we then discovered that after 12 years of Quick Books use we were faced with a larger project of cleaning up old accounts, uncollected receivables, reclassifying certain expenses and in general cleaning up the books. She was on the verge of having twins and not prepared for such a task. None-the-less, thanks to her professional and tireless work ethic, and devotion to her clients, she managed to exceed of all of my expectations and get us on the right track. Both my accountant and I are happy that we are in such good hands and know you will be too."

Doug Best

President, D. Best Construction, Inc., Vineyard Haven, MA

"The Bookkeeping Bureau is led by Olivia Saloparu who provides responsive, systematic, and professional services. Her organizational skills are comprehensive. She employs technology that is always up to date. I would recommend that business owners discuss their bookkeeping needs with Olivia."

Peter Breese

President, Breese Architects, Inc., Vineyard Haven, MA

"The Bookkeeping Bureau came to our aid when we were in need of a new bookkeeping service. Olivia and her crew are organized and accurate, and came up to speed very quickly when it was time to take over our books. They are as a whole very responsive and good at troubleshooting and organizing our books. The Bookkeeping Bureau also handles our payroll weekly with great acumen. We would recommend Olivia and The Bookkeeping Bureau to companies looking for solid bookkeeping services."

James White

Manager, Offshore Shingle, Inc., Oak Bluffs, MA

"Last summer, as head of an island road association, I received news that the billing service that had been with the association since its inception was retiring. This service had a wealth of detailed information about the situation, and at times gave me guidance on any difficulties that might arise. Through referrals, I got the name of The Bookkeeping Bureau and was ultimately delighted with the result. That year the association was going through substantial changes, with transfers of ownership, new lots created, etc., a tough job for any bookkeeper, let alone a brand new one. However, Olivia of The Bookkeeping Bureau energetically tackled the problem, doing research at the Town Hall, and conferring with the former billing service. She was thorough, efficient, and always sensitive to whatever the needs of the task might be. I am a grateful client, as a huge load was taken off my back by someone not only highly competent, but thoughtful and pleasant to do business with."


President, Plum Bush Point Road Association, West Tisbury, MA

"I am the owner of a small residential construction business. I always did my own billing, and often relied on my wife to help organize spreadsheets and get information together at tax time. I also had a pile of notices on a quarterly payment I had missed making during the economic downturn in 2011 and needed help. My wife's business was thriving and she was finding it harder and harder to find time to help me. Olivia came highly recommended and she didn't disappoint. Within a month, all of my QuickBooks files, bank and business credit card information was in her hands. She had cleaned up my mess over the missing tax payments. I am so happy she took over my bookkeeping. Olivia has taken over reconciling all of my bank and credit card information. She helps me with my invoicing, as well as with my year-end tax information for my accountant. What a relief! Olivia is easily accessible. Her turn around on things that I need is very prompt, and it has been a pleasure working with her."

Christopher Reimann

President, Double Ox Construction,Inc., Oak Bluffs, MA

"We sought The Bookkeeping Bureau’s services once our business became too big for our previous accountant/bookkeeper to handle. We did not know whether to hire a firm to do our accounting and bookkeeping under one roof or if we should keep them separate and Olivia pointed us in the right direction. Once we signed on with The Bookkeeping Bureau, Olivia and her team always responded to us in a prompt manner and began the long task of reviewing the previous years which resulted in a lot of corrections. Knowing the correct numbers week after week has improved our bottom line and business planning significantly – The Bookkeeping Bureau managed to exceed of all of our expectations. There are a lot of ways to do your bookkeeping but if you want it done right, choose Olivia and her Team!"

Mario Spindola

President, Green Leaf Enterprise Inc – ohDEER

“It has been my pleasure to work with The Bookkeeping Bureau for more than a year.  Purchasing an existing business presents it’s challenges and Olivia and her team were terrific in sorting out the transition in a clear, concise and professional manner.  We continue to work together and her experience and attention to detail is invaluable to us.”  

Diane M. Carr

General Manager, VIC MV Hotel, LLC. dba Hob Knob, Edgartown, MA

"We sought out The Bookkeeping Bureau when our previous bookkeeper told us she was unable to complete the work for our account one week before the tax deadline. An acquaintance referred Olivia to us at the time and we met, explained the situation and she was able to help us immediately. Olivia and her team took over, they went through our books with a fine-tooth comb and quickly got us back on track. We have worked with them since and found The Bookkeeping Bureau team to more than exceed our expectations. One of the biggest benefits is that Olivia and her team are in constant communication with us, they are always on top of any details associated with our account, and any time I have a question, I can call or email and get a response almost immediately. Another benefit is having a person assigned to updating our records on a weekly basis: our books are always up to date, and all transactions are properly categorized by someone knowledgeable so that tax time is a breeze and we can really see how our companies are doing. The best part of using The Bookkeeping Bureau is that though our two businesses are relatively new and small, we always felt like a priority to Olivia and her team. They have always been communicative, reliable, efficient, and very professional. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a bookkeeper."

Diego Avansini

President, Avansini, Inc. - Avansini Painting and Tivoli Paint Store, Vineyard Haven, MA

"Before Olivia started keeping my books, they were a mess. In the past few years, we had gone through a transition of three different bookkeepers and I was unaware of where my accounts actually stood. Within a couple of weeks of her working for me, my accounts were balanced and up to date. After about a month, she had gotten my books back in order. Since Olivia has been keeping my books, I know exactly where I stand with each of my accounts. She makes sure all my bills are accounted for and my vendors are paid, communicates with me when there are issues, and organizes all of my documents. She makes it so I am able to focus more on my work and less on my books. My dad always told me to do what I do best and let others do their best. I find that Olivia makes it so that I can do my best with my work while she works on what she does best. Olivia is a hard worker and a joy to collaborate and work with. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a bookkeeper."

Robert Perry

President, Perry Electric, Inc., Vineyard Haven, MA


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